Using lived experience to spread awareness of the shattering impact of solitary confinement

Ariana Cardozo

This man is definitely an inspiration and aspires to lead people through his experiences and journey. Change is good and he allows others to see that!

Tournesoul Sarah

Doing a great job at what your doing. Keep it up man, keep on climbing until you can’t climb anymore.

Carol-ann Holland

Emotionally intelligent agent of change…
Johnny took the time to learn the information and applies it toward his future goals… Chess not checkers…

Guillermo Rodriguez

I’m extremely proud of Johnny Perez and his commitment to those without a voice. I know him personally so I can attest to that passion that drives him that it’s authentic. I think is the perfect person to crusade for us, he is well prepared for the task and I’m waiting on the change to come.

Mr. Franklyns